Order was served – finally!

I received a phone call yesterday just before 4pm. It was the officer at the Family Protection Unit at the Police Station I attended last week. She told me that the Violence Restraining Order had finally been served at 2:05pm. I couldn’t thank her enough for letting me know.

My body was tingly but knew that just because it had been issued didn’t mean I should no longer practice caution. I must remain vigilant.

Now all I’m waiting for is my copy of the Final Order which I need to carry with me at all times.

I’m still a nervous wreck. I am undertaking a transformational program in the coming weeks.

He now has a Restraining Order in two states – WA & NSW (his ex girlfriend).


2 thoughts on “Order was served – finally!

  1. Good for you that you have your order! But you must remember that it is still apiece of paper. It only works if you report the violations.

    In addition to carrying one on you at all times, it is beneficial to make copies. I have one in my purse, one at home, one on file with my supervisor at my place of employment, one at the security desk at work, one at my place of worship, one in the glove compartment of each vehicle I am regularly in.. This way, I always have access to one so I can present it to the police if my abuser violates the stay away order.

    Also remember to be aware of who is around you when you enter stores, etc. The more proactive you are about who is in your presence, the safer you can be. And never underestimate the importance of having a phone on you at all times.

    I wish you the best!


    • Thank you for the tips – you are most certainly organised and I’ll take it on board.

      Its true what you say about it been a piece of paper that becomes important in case of breach…and the more copies I have, the better equipped and supported I will feel too.

      As for the phone, I became so nervously lapsy daisy of late that I’ve just misplaced my phone in the house somewhere, can you believe it?

      Thanks again for the well wishes and support.

      Hope you stay safe, happy… and take care!

      Liz xo 🙂

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